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We are so excited that you have made a personal decision to follow Jesus! We want to support you in your journey as a new believer, so let us know about the step you took. We would love to chat, give you a bible, and a new Christ-followers devotional.


Students who have accepted Christ into their hearts are invited to take the next step in their faith - Baptism. By being baptized in water, this is an outward expression of an inward decision. There is not a "baptism class" for those who are interested in getting baptized. However, students should connect with a TOB staff member beforehand to discuss what baptism is all about.


‘Love Out’ covers all the opportunities to Love God and Love Others outside of the church building, locally and globally. These include serving at school or in your community, and mission trips.


‘Love In’ covers all of the opportunities to Love God and Love Others in Encounter Youth and the Olive Branch as a whole! These include being a leader in Kids Branch, playing on the student worship team, assisting with tech or audio, and so much more!

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